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(Français) Amélioration du système de notifications et nouveau widget sur YoolinkPro!

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(Français) Yoolink lance You Don’t Need a CRM!

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(Français) Ne m’appelez pas réseau social d’entreprise!

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HRA Pharma chooses YoolinkPro

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Netcentric chooses YoolinkPro to go further in the use of its CSN


It has now been a month since Netcentric decided to switch from Social Cast to YoolinkPro.

Netcentric is a Swiss company, specialised in the management of web projects. It counts 60 employees, located in different European countries. Netcentric had been using Social Cast for a year, with a very high contribution level: the corporate social network had become a main tool for collaboration! Nevertheless, they reached the limits of use of the American tool. The company decided to switch to a more personnalised tool, with an advanced mobile app and integrated with Google Apps in order to simplify the authentication of the users, and to connect their different tools. After a few days of tests, Netcentric decided to choose our solution, YoolinkPro!

In order to have a perfect adoption of the new tool, all the contributions that were on Social Cast had to be imported to YoolinkPro. This import was the main condition for a signature between Yoolink and Netcentric. Thus, Yoolink’s developers worked on the respective APIs in order to facilitate the import and structure the new platform.

In no longer than two weeks, Netcentric’s YoolinkPro account was ready: all the posts done on Social Cast were there, and structured in the right communities. Also, all the profils were imported during the import thanks to our enriched directory.

The first reactions were very positive: ‘It’s amazing, everything is here!’, said one of them the first time he entered YoolinkPro. The adoption of the new tool was thus very smooth and the new features (connexion to Google Apps, personnalisation of each community, being able to take a picture and upload it directly from the mobile app…) reinforced the use of their new corporate social network.

Yoolink is very proud of this operation since it shows once again the strenght of its API, but also the capacity to answer positively and technically to bigger groups. Don’t be scared to launch a corporate social network: the APIs enable you to switch from one solution to another, to talk to your existing tools and a lot more!

Thank you Netcentric for trusting us, and we would even add… Cocadoodle doo! 😉

(Français) Yoolink recrute un lead développeur Ruby on Rails

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(Français) Evolution YoolinkPro: nouveau système de notifications pour booster l’adoption

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(Français) Lancement de YoolinkPro 360 le RSE qui met en valeur votre SI

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(Français) RSE Speed Meeting : participez à cet évènement au format original et unique le 16 avril à La Cantine!

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