Enterprise 2.0 is mostly about adoption, and driving adoption takes a deep understanding of the company's core business and employees. Service partners help customers identify social routines, use-cases and communities, so that they can deploy their social network successfully. They make YoolinkPro part of users' business-as-usual, saving time and improving efficiency from day one. Service partners offer expertise, consulting and training.

One2team offers collaborative solutions for operational project management in SaaS mode. By facilitating collaboration and real time result-based steering, ONE2TEAM improves the relevance of steering and reduces project costs.

Trustelem is a central cloud authentication platform for companies. It allow user to authenticate themselves once and be connected to all their online apps like YoolinkPro, You Don’t Need a CRM but also DropbBox, Google Apps, Office 365 and many others.

IT director can choose the level of authentication they wants including double auth. They can choose to limit access depending on a large range of criteria including the IP address of the user. Trustelem can also connect to the LDAP of customers to ensure that access to online services is in sync with internal status, which is extremely useful when someone leave the company.

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Your customers need social software, and you want to offer them state-of-the-art software? You need flexibility, so that your teams can adapt the software to specific environments or needs? Become a YoolinkPro Partner and benefit from a design-award-winning corporate social network.

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Vingtrois is a digital agency with a strong focus on private equity management (assets management, real estate, insurance). With cross competences in software development, design and editorial content, VINGTROIS as a strong knowing of opportunities brought by new technologies on this different markets.

SpectrumGroupe is a consulting company, expert in 2.0 technologies and use cases. SpectrumGroupe helps organization to change and to benefit from social media.

Aromates is a consultancy in public relations and press. Aromates organizes events for its clients. The agency benefits from an experience in the Information Technology and Communication areas, in energy and health.