Participatory Intranet

Today most Intranets fail and are seen as static and inefficient by the employees. YoolinkPro enables to create a participatory Intranet, one that is more interactive and thus more performing. Instead of replacing the existing information system YoolinkPro highlights the most useful applications and gives a more unified platform to broadcast information.

Benefits for Human Resources

  • Facilitate the integration of new employees
  • Facilitate internal mobility
  • Highlight talents
  • Facilitate internal dialogue
  • Access to a corporate directory

Benefits for internal communication

  • Revitalise corporate spirit
  • Manage internal events
  • Broadcast messages from the Managers
  • Broadcast important information about the company’s life
  • Get employees closer thanks to common interests
  • Stop sending internal e-mails

Uses for Marketing or Sales departments

  • Share sectoral monitoring
  • Create a knowledge base, broadcast the best practices
  • Keep the sales’ presentations up to date
  • Increase the reactivity regarding the competitors
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Manage a project

It can be complicated to start collaboration around a project in a big company, or when people are geographically separated. YoolinkPro enables to set a totally operational project team in a few minutes, one that works independently of the equipment of the employees and without installing any software. Very useful inside project teams YoolinkPro is also perfect for small business that plan to use it as their complete information system.


  • Easily handle a project inter-services
  • Benefit from a SaaS tool, which needs no installation
  • Co-create documents and compare the versions
  • Easily interact on the published content
  • Organise physical events
  • Prepare reports
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Exchange while travelling
  • Have access to / create a document library
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Animation of associations or communities of interest

An association is often confronted to two issues: how to send quality information to its members and how to enable them to interact. A private social network is thus the ideal platform for associations.


  • Easily inform your members thanks to the e-mail digest
  • Summarise the news and share important links of online press
  • Enable interaction between members through a user-friendly interface
  • Organise the actions, the events in a few clicks
  • Create an enriched knowledge base thanks to the members
  • Facilitate the integration of new members
  • Facilitate the broadcast of best practices in the case of professional associations
  • Easily ask your members for information
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Animation of a franchise network

Informed franchisees, which have access to the necessary marketing elements. A real exchange and dialogue channel: a whole set of benefits, which enable a franchise to succeed.


  • Broadcast the values of the franchise
  • Share key information with each member
  • Share marketing supports
  • Get the franchisees closer
  • Share a knowledge base, build a collective intelligence
  • Facilitate the broadcast of best practices
  • Question & Answer mechanism to build a knowledge / best practices base
  • Increased productivity for the franchisor: from a one-to-one to a many-to-many system
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Extranet for clients / partners / suppliers

Whether with clients, partners or suppliers, it is essential to have a constant dialogue with them in order to strengthen loyalty, improve or make more sales.

Benefits for the company

  • Be connected to its ecosystem
  • Share information directly with the right people and benefit from an automatic e-mail digest to the members of the network
  • Be identified as a reactive and transparent actor
  • Benefit from a dialogue with its ecosystem and integrate their expectations
  • Be able to create common spaces and private spaces

Benefits for the ecosystem

  • Benefits for the ecosystem
  • Receive information up to date
  • Ask questions or share an experience
  • Benefit from the experience of other members
  • Benefit from a document library
  • Give feedback from the products / services
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Innovation / Collective Intelligence

In our information society, knowledge and innovation are two key elements for a company’s success. Too many sectors were crushed by the arrival of new actors, so it is impossible not to have an efficient collaborative intelligence. A private social network puts each person’s knowledge at the service of everyone and facilitates the emergence of new ideas inside the company.


  • Easily share and broadcast information
  • Make all the employees participate in the creation of a knowledge base
  • Raising of new initiatives, manage new ideas
  • Humanise information and go beyond the RSS feed
  • Benefit from each one’s expertise, create the bases of a collective intelligence
  • Organise information by communities, sector or work space
  • Capitalise resources
  • Easily find information thanks to the filters and the search engine
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Remote work and international teams

Working from separate place is always a challenge. Whether it is remote work, abroad subsidiaries and teams or professional associations with members in different companies it’s not easy to work together.
YoolinkPro takes its full meaning as a productive tool in this kind of situations. By proposing an asynchronous and centralized way to share information it allows co-workers to stay connected to all projects independently of from where they work.


  • Everybody stay informed from coworkers of the activity that matters thanks to micro-blogging and channels.
  • All conversations and documents are centralized creating automatically an up to date knowledge base.
  • Human links between coworkers that are weakened by distance are strengthened by the ability to share both professional and fun content.
  • Collaborative work: the wiki feature allows several people to write content together especially meeting (or teleconference) report, project draft etc.
  • The mobile app allows following and interacting with co-workers while on the field.
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Socialisation of business tools

YoolinkPro is a communication platform. It enables to add a social layer to the existing business tools (CRM, ERP, Intranet, specific tools…) thanks to its API and its social plug-ins. It’s a matter of broadcasting information, of exchanging and interacting on business processes to:

  • Increase the company’s reactivity
  • Benefit from other users’ experience
  • Enable less structured exchanges in very structured tools
  • Make innovation emerge
  • Improve business processes