YoolinkPro is a customizable private social network and communication platform in SaaS. All conversations are stored in one place and accessible through a simple and praised interface.

The service is available in two editions

YoolinkPro Team Productivity

A turnkey solution that enables immediate collaboration and stops internal email proliferation.

YoolinkPro 360

A private social network fully customizable, with all the necessary tools to connect it and integrate it with your information system.

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Directory and profile page

The Directory is an essential part of a private social network. It presents the users in a more human way: with a photo, their news feed and information they wish to share.

Find who is in your network

The Directory is structured by teams, previously created by the administrators. Every member can belong to one or more teams. You can look for a person by its name, but also by interests or geographical location.

For your corporate social network, it is possible to synchronise YoolinkPro’s Directory to your LDAP and to set the fields that the users have to fill.

View others’ profile pages and access your personal area

Each user can edit his profile and has access to a personal area, where he will find all his posts, messages or documents that were suggested to him or the events that he chose to attend.