YoolinkPro is a customizable private social network and communication platform in SaaS. All conversations are stored in one place and accessible through a simple and praised interface.

The service is available in two editions

YoolinkPro Team Productivity

A turnkey solution that enables immediate collaboration and stops internal email proliferation.

YoolinkPro 360

A private social network fully customizable, with all the necessary tools to connect it and integrate it with your information system.

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Publish every kind of content

With YoolinkPro, you can publish links, messages (micro-blogging), questions, files, photo albums, events and edit wikis.

Every contribution in the feed can be commented on or ‘liked’, and the most ‘discussed’ subjects will appear on top of the feed.

Easily share links

An intelligent bookmarklet enables you to publish a web page without leaving it. The title, the description and an illustration are automatically loaded, in order for the information sharing to be easier for the contributor and more user-friendly for the reader.

Post messages (Micro-blogging)

A question to ask? An idea to suggest? Good practices to share? The micro-blogging tool turns informal communication into a knowledge base for the members of the network.

Create content and share files

The writeboard allows users to co-create documents intuitively. If you have already created a Word, Excel or PDF document for example, you can easily upload it. Each version of a writeboard or document is stored to simplify content co-creation.

Create events and share photo albums

A training to organise? A seminar? Organise and share events on YoolinkPro. Guests can answer in one click and consult their events on their phones or on their professional calendars thanks to the iCal export.

Then, share the experiences or photos of your events on your network. You can upload several pictures at the same time for speed.

Create a knowledge base in an easy and fun way

A problem to solve? Use the Question and Answers feature! The members of your network can give their answers and vote for the most accurate one.

In only a few clicks you will have found the solution to your problem and created a knowledge base on your private social network!