YoolinkPro is a customizable private social network and communication platform in SaaS. All conversations are stored in one place and accessible through a simple and praised interface.

The service is available in two editions

YoolinkPro Team Productivity

A turnkey solution that enables immediate collaboration and stops internal email proliferation.

YoolinkPro 360

A private social network fully customizable, with all the necessary tools to connect it and integrate it with your information system.

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Find information

Unlike public social networks, which exclusively integrate a news feed logic, YoolinkPro has a stocking logic. In fact, it has a strong search engine, which enables to capitalize on the shared information and to find the experts on a certain field.

Find the accurate information

YoolinkPro integrates several features which enable to rapidly find information.

  • The search engine: sorts by date or accuracy. The results of a search always include documents and people, making it thus possible to identify the experts on a certain topic.
  • The filters: sort the search results by type (link, message, event,...) or by family of post (documents, videos,...).
  • The tag clouds: present for the whole network, in a specific group or on a user’s profile, they enable a direct access to posts. In the search, they enable to refine the results in just one click.
  • Time histogram: By immediately displaying the number of results by time frame it allows you to jump directly to the correct results you’re searching for or to navigate inside the results year by year or month by month.
  • Experts: display the people in the company who are expert on the search domain and allow you to jump directly to the content they’ve published.