YoolinkPro is a customizable private social network and communication platform in SaaS. All conversations are stored in one place and accessible through a simple and praised interface.

The service is available in two editions

YoolinkPro Team Productivity

A turnkey solution that enables immediate collaboration and stops internal email proliferation.

YoolinkPro 360

A private social network fully customizable, with all the necessary tools to connect it and integrate it with your information system.

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The social layer of your information system

An internal social network is meant to highlight the existing resources, or those produced daily by the users.

YoolinkPro also proposes a complete API REST (http://api.yoolinkpro.com), which enables to write and read in the news feed.

This API also enables to establish a Single Sign On for any kind of Directory or authentification system. Until today, different types of SSO have been developed for our clients, on the following technologies: Microsoft Active Directory, Google App, LDAP, SAML.