YoolinkPro is a customizable private social network and communication platform in SaaS. All conversations are stored in one place and accessible through a simple and praised interface.

The service is available in two editions

YoolinkPro Team Productivity

A turnkey solution that enables immediate collaboration and stops internal email proliferation.

YoolinkPro 360

A private social network fully customizable, with all the necessary tools to connect it and integrate it with your information system.

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Administration and statistics

There are two types of administrators: the super-administrators and the administrators/community managers. The latter are more likely to become the ambassadors towards the users.

The administration of YoolinkPro is extremely easy. You can do it directly on the platform, where it is possible to edit or delete posts.

A tab, dedicated to the administrators, enables them to easily create new accounts, groups, teams or news wires; to assign users to groups, edit their profiles, etc.

The administrators also have access to the account statistics. This enables them to see the level of engagement of the users: which are the most active groups, the most active subjects, know the percentage of opened emails. It is also possible to measure the platform’s audience with your Google Analytics account.