Industrial or service companies, associations, franchise networks, internal communication, HR, Marketing departments... Many were those who chose YoolinkPro to improve exchange, knowledge sharing, communication. Discover how they use our service and why they chose us.

YoolinkPro as a corporate social network

Youme was launched to simplify internal communication and to create bonds between the 800 employees.

DMS Innovation’s corporate social network aims at highlighting the knowledge of every employee.

Samv@ is where the employees from the different CCI of Alsace stock and share collective knowledge.

YoolinkPro to manage a community

FIDBOOK is where franchisees and franchisors meet and share their expertise, experiences, knowledge...

RésoAgir is the network of the association’s members, to share experiences, knowledge, and much more.

A network for the FEPEM to inform those who work at PSA of their rights and duties as individual employers.

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  • Companies using YoolinkPro as a Corporate Social Network
  • BEING Wired, to highlight the expertise and knowledge of every employee.Being \ TBWA
  • DMS Innovation's collective intelligence base.BNP Paribas
  • A corporate social network to share knowledge.Cetelem
  • SigmAgora, a corporate social network for collective and competitive knowledge.Groupe Alpha
  • Youme creates bonds and break walls between teams. Lagardère Publicité
  • Youtoo is the place to share experiences and knowledge.Lagardère Active
  • MyMondadoriPub is the place to broadcast ans share knowledge, and also to disuss the company's activities.Mondadori
  • A corporate social network to broadcast the best practices and to create bonds between the employees, working in different locations and working on the same issues.SPF Diana
  • Links, to broadcast coporate information, share and highlight knowledge.HAVAS MEDIA
  • thanks to Id-Wel, all the Weldom shops are working on the same project.Weldom
  • Col'In is an interactive Intranet, which enables the agencies (spread throughout Europe), to share experience and knowledge.John Taylor
  • Yooping is the meeting point of the group's employees, spread throughout the world. Knowledge sharing, broadcast of information about the different entities of the group.Groupe Casaque
  • Samv@, for a more efficient knowledge sharing.CCI Alsace - Gogito
  • Clic ! enables over 100 people to pilot a projet for post offices in 13 regions of France.La Poste
  • A platform where teachers, searchers and staff meet and share.AgroSupDijon
  • Medlife, to exchange on subjects that are common to all the Divisions of the Medical Direction.Roche
  • Seloger move from a static intranet to a dynamic and collaborative one.Seloger
  • My HRA brings the employees closer together and fosters collaboration.HRA Pharma
  • One2team integrated YoolinkPro as a social layer to its reknown project management tool thanks to our API.One2team
  • ...
  • Institutions using YoolinkPro as a platform for community outreach
  • FIDBOOK, the place where franchisees and franchisors meet.Fiducée
  • Elyxir, to broadcast corporate information to Star-Apic's clients and to enable exchanges between them.Star-Apic
  • A dedicated platform to promote exchanges, dialogue and the creation of permanent bonds between different actors of innovation.Etalab
  • A platform at PSA to help all the individual employers.Fepem
  • To promote discussions between different companies.Sport International
  • RésoAgir makes communication and exchanges easier for the association's members, who are spread throughout France.Agir
  • Imhotep is the meeting point of various companies working on real estate management.Imhotep
  • ...