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YoolinkPro is a customizable communication platform that enables you to create a corporate social network, to easily manage external communities or to boost your team productivity. With YoolinkPro you will drastically decrease the amount of emails you exchange.

The success of a collaborative platform is not about lists of features. It is about adoption. So is YoolinkPro.

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Corporate social networks : Facts & figures

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Contacts, communities, thematic feeds, profile pages...

Discover the main features of YoolinkPro.

Marketing, HR and internal communication department...

See what YoolinkPro brings to our clients and how the deployed it.

Already have an intranet?

YoolinkPro can become the social layer of your Information System thanks to API.

What they say about us

Yoolink's product isn’t necessarily unique, but the ease with which it lets you work and the simplicity of getting started certainly is.

A SaaS collaborative and social layer that can communicate with shared calendars, CRM tools, corporate wikis, etc.


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