YoolinkPro is your private social network.

YoolinkPro is a customizable social network solution which enables you to create a private social network for your company or to easily manage an external community.

The success of a private social network is not about lists of features. It is about adoption. So is YoolinkPro.

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  • Widget Shop

    Easily customize the whole network or just a community's sidebar by picking or creating widgets.

  • Community Managers

    Name community managers and give them admin rights on specific communities or work spaces.

  • External networks

    Share with your external networks’ members (clients, suppliers, etc.) without giving them access to your network’s private information.

  • E-mail customization

    Customize the invitation e-mail of your private social network.

  • Questions and Answers

    Ask questions to the members of your network, vote for the best answer and create a collaborative knowledge base.

  • Social plug-in

    Make your apps social with YoolinkPro’s social plugin.

  • Web app

    Access your network (news feed, directory,...) wherever you are, from any smartphone or tablet!

  • Desktop App

    Follow your network’s activity thanks to the real time notifications on your desktop.

  • Viewer

    Preview the writeboards, PDF documents and videos directly in your news feed.

You Don't Need a CRM!Built for your sales men

Most businesses do not need a tool to manage their customers, they need a tool to turn their prospects INTO customers!

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Yoolink's product isn’t necessarily unique, but the ease with which it lets you work and the simplicity of getting started certainly is

A SaaS collaborative and social layer that can communicate with shared calendars, CRM tools, corporate wikis, etc.

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Contacts, communities, thematic feeds, profile pages: discover the main features of YoolinkPro.
Marketing, HR and internal communication departments : see what YoolinkPro brings to ours clients and how the deployed it.
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YoolinkPro can become the social layer of your Information Systems thanks to API.

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